4 Crops You Can Start Today That Will Be Ready For Harvest In 3 Weeks

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4 Crops You Can Start Today That Will Be Ready For Harvest In 3 Weeks

As the supermarkets become less and less comfortable places to be as a result of the coronavirus you may want to reduce your dependence by growing a veggie garden. Here are 4 crops you can start today that will be ready for your kitchen in just 3 weeks. 

  1. Pea shoots

Sow thickly into takeaway trays on the windowsill or seed trays in the greenhouse, cover with more compost, and within three weeks, you can snip sweet pea-flavoured shoots for salads.

  1. Rocket

Sow directly into pre-watered soil, keep in the sun or shade, the soil must stay damp, and you'll see sprouts within two weeks, and they'll be pickable as baby leaves within four. 

  1. Radishes

Well known for very quick results, sow classic red-rooted radishes like 'French Breakfast' or 'Cherry Belle' and you'll have seedlings within a week and roots in four weeks' time.

  1. Plug plant salads

If you want to increase yield in the time frame, cut corners by using plug-in plants (pregerminated seedlings). Cheat, and you'll be putting homegrown lettuce on your sandwiches and in your salads in no time at all. 


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