5 Easy Yoga Poses That Requires No Room At All

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5 Easy Yoga Poses That Requires No Room At All

If you have been stuck in isolation, and can't go to your local gym to work out, maybe it's time for you to give yoga a try. Well, what better way to start yoga than in the comfort of your own home with objects you already have around the house? 

Assisted Plank:

This pose is targeted at those people who don't have their own yoga mat, but still want to get a good abdominal workout in. Above, you can see the instructor placing her hands on what could be your couch, tabletop, kitchen bench, or something similar that is stationary. Slowly walk your legs out back behind you until you feel the tension in your abdominal section. 

Standing Sun Salutations: 

For the next yoga pose, we have Standing Sun Salutations, and this one requires no objects at all. First, you will want to stand with your feet together and raise your arms up inhaling at the same time. Next, bring your hands towards the floor, exhaling at the same time. This pose can be used as a way to wake up in the morning quickly! 

Twisted Chair:

This pose is quite easy as well, it's called the Twisted Chair, and can be the follow-up pose after Standing Sun Salutations. What you want to do is to sit back onto the back of your heels while bending your knees, making sure to keep them in line with one another. Then lift your arms over your head while maintaining a long vertical spine. 

Tree Pose:

The Tree Pose is one of the most classic yoga poses out there, and there's a reason for that. It's easy, great for balance and can provide people who do it with a natural, free feeling. What you want to do is to place your foot anywhere on your inner thigh, and then use the strength of the standing leg to push back on the foot that's placed on your inner thigh. At the same time, as doing this, place your hands above your head. 

Modified Handstands: 

This pose could be quite difficult for some people, and if that's the case, consider it a pose you are going to strive to achieve! To do this pose, you will need to do a handstand against a wall. Let your feet land against the wall and concentrate on holding the L shape. The L shape can be seen above in the image. Holding this position will strengthen the shoulder muscles, which can then result in you being able to pull off a full handstand without the assistance of a wall. 

Be sure to check back on Hippie Hut for more yoga poses, as we will be posting more great home workouts to help you survive your lockdown.


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