5 Things to Do In Self-Isolation To Keep Your Mind Active

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5 Things to Do In Self-Isolation To Keep Your Mind Active

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, we're all locked down at our homes, counting the days until the end of COVID-19. In such stressful situations, we're in deep search of the silver-linings that can keep us happy and occupied.

From learning new skills to trying out mouth-watering recipes, here are five ways you can make your quarantine life worthwhile. 


  1. Learn a skill

It's never too late to learn a new skill. There may have been times when you were too eager to learn something, but you couldn't get the time to do so. Now is the perfect time to groom yourself and add something new to your skill-set. Whether you're interested in computer science or you're into business, you'll find free courses on Coursera, Udemy, and other websites. 

  1. Try out new recipes

Since all your favourite eateries have closed down, it doesn't mean you can't make restaurant-style dishes at your home. When you've got free time on your hands, let your hands do the magic and experiment with different recipes to keep you and your family's cravings fulfilled. Check out Bon Appetit, where you can find delicious food recipes that could unleash the inner chef in you!

  1. Start working out

Now that gyms are closed, make your room a personal gym because you can't compromise on health and fitness, right? Even if you don't have gym equipment, worry not! The Nike Training Club is a free app that includes a variety of exercises. You can filter out exercises based on whether you have got the equipment or not. 

  1. Netflix and Chill

Spend time with your family and friends by tuning into your favourite TV-show or movie. Aside from entertainment material, you can check out thrilling documentaries on Netflix that will surely fix your attention.

  1. Pick out a book to read

If you're fond of reading, why not catch up on your reading list that you've made? It's much more peaceful than checking the news and aimlessly scrolling your Facebook news-feed. You could even try experimenting with an audiobook on Audible.com, there's something uniquely satisfying about having a book read to you by a voice actor. 

Try to make the most of it by doing something productive in self-isolation instead of feeling muddled during the pandemic.


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