Third Eye Bundle

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Third Eye Chakra

“I See”
Spiritual Progress, Intuition, Clarity 
Lavender, Cucumber, Sage, Chamomile, Rose, Cedar 

Aromatherapy Benefits

❖ Promote emotional stability

❖ Dispel feelings of conflict or confusion

❖ Trust your own intuition

Fluorite Benefits

❖ Purifies the mind

❖ Enhances mental acuity to bring in logical and conscious awareness

❖ Boosts the intuitive and psychic abilities


Our Chakra Candles are handmade using premium soy wax and infused with Australian produced Artisan pure essential oils and fragrances. With a burn time of approximately 15+ hours and perfectly sized for smaller areas.

Understanding The Crown Chakra

Located between the brows, the third eye chakra symbolizes your connection to wisdom and insight, it also enables you to rationalize and reach reasonable conclusions. This chakra influences telepathic abilities, discernment, visualization and self-reflection.

When blocked you don’t sense your intuition and feel disconnected from it, believing that there is something wrong with you, struggling to find answers to questions life throws at you. When balanced this Chakra allows you to access your inner truth, you act on your intuition with confidence and your mind opens to a deeper understanding of life.