3 Things You Can Do To Stay Happy And Healthy During Lockdown

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3 Things You Can Do To Stay Happy And Healthy During Lockdown

We each have a unique opportunity to take advantage of this strange time in our lives and self empower spiritually, physically and mentally. Here are three things that are guaranteed to help keep you happy and healthy during the lockdown.



As the familiar businesses close and the jobs we once held are lost to the coronavirus epidemic, meditation for many of us hippies during this period of lockdown is going to be more important than ever. Practising yoga for at least 15 minutes per day has shown to have massive implications on our mental health and will be a great tool that we can all use to keep us mentally healthy during this period. Remember the things you’re grateful for, appreciate those in your life who you care about, and allow your mind to both consciously and subconsciously evaluate your mental state of mind. Work through your feelings of anxiety and stress during this period and remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. Look here for a visual example on Youtube.



The more the restrictions tighten, as gyms close and the more we’re encouraged to stay home, the larger the burden is to maintain an adequate level of fitness. Yoga is a powerful tool that can be used to not only keep you fit but also allow you to connect with your body and mind. Yoga is such an amazing activity to practice at the moment because it can provide so much for us as individuals and requires no equipment. If you are new to yoga, look into The 7 Tibetan Rites, they are an ancient yoga ritual that has helped yogis and spiritualists connect with themselves for generations. The 7 Tibetan Rites are is an entry-level routine that can be adjusted to your skill and fitness levels.



The invites to events have stopped, and our favourite gathering locations have closed indefinitely, and as a result, a lot of us are going to have a lot of extra time on our hands during the next 6-month period. Now is a better time than ever to pick up the guitar that has been in your spare room for years, dust off the old notepad that you were going to fill last summer or start researching something you’re interested in online. The next time you are allowed to reengage with the world, you may have a powerful new skill that you learned while on lockdown. Instead of binge-watching another season on Netflix, identify something that will bring you joy and sink your teeth into it. Live with discipline or live with regret. 

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